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Welcome to Erythrae

The Erythrae Network is alive again after 3 years absence. It is a collection of various different sites all operated by CyranoX (Shane). You can find a variety of different content which is explained below in the Network Index.
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Latest News

Ayyyyyyyye. Hello. Finally got around to logging in :) should probably start doing something...

ANYWAYS. I hope everyone is okay. I won't apologise for my repeated disappearances because you're probably all fed up with me making excuses.
Here are my current plans:
Complete revamp of Eikona Gallery. Incorporating original Kinitiras plans into Eikona. I have alot of new photography to add since my holidays in the past year.
Restart Ikaros, as more of a listings site than a directory.
KazeKage Forums is closed. It didn't get the attention I hoped for..just wasting Internet space.
I also want to put together a site for my local ice hockey teams. I go to games every weekend now. Got pictures and stuff for it.


Okay so this is a preview of the new Eikona, but it will also include a bit of a blog-style description of places I've been to. When I get around to doing that bit..

Site Index

You can visit The Eikona Gallery to look at the various photography that has been uploaded by our members, you can also register and upload your own photography, comment on pictures or rate them.

Iero Creatives is the part of Erythrae which is dedicated to displaying various writings.

The Ikaros Directory. Where you can add your site, completely free! You can also rate and comment on other links, and check your PageRank.

Welcome to KazeKage Forums. The local community of Erythrae.

Lyrical Spireality is the music area of Erythrae where you will find various different song lyrics, and a Song of The Week feature.

The Portfolio is our Website and Graphic Design site displaying various graphics and designs we have done in the past. You can either use the free graphics for yourself or request our services.

31 December 2015
  • Closed Eikona, Ikaros and KazeKage
  • Started work on New Eikona
  • Added new Photography

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