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Welcome to Erythrae

You are currently viewing Version... I don't remember lol.

Latest News

Just a couple of things. We have 3 new affiliates! Go check them out.
Also done some maintenance on the layout, navigation and image buttons.
Moved the chatbox thing to the bottom of the page.
I'm planning to start replacing the navigation text links with image buttons. Try to freshen it up a bit.

Hey guys! Apparantly there was a problem with the registration form for new members on KazeKage. So if you tried to join and couldn't. I apologise! It's all fixed now so go ahead and join the KK Community!


I am back! Two days in a row. I've done some maintenance on the layout. I decided that since I don't have the time to create an entirely new look I am going to put the site back to my favourite layout from 2012. Might seem old on the internet but I haven't been around much since then.
Other plans for updates include: Breaking up news table for individual sites instead of one table for all, design a banner for KazeKages home page, update Eikona with all my new photos.(I got loooooads). And hopefully get back to Project Zaero on Iero.

Site Index

You can visit The Eikona Gallery to look at the various photography that has been uploaded by our members, you can also register and upload your own photography, comment on pictures or rate them.

Iero Creatives is the part of Erythrae which is dedicated to displaying various writings.

The Ikaros Directory. Where you can add your site, completely free! You can also rate and comment on other links, and check your PageRank.

Welcome to KazeKage Forums. The local community of Erythrae.

Lyrical Spireality is the music area of Erythrae where you will find various different song lyrics, and a Song of The Week feature.

The Portfolio is our Website and Graphic Design site displaying various graphics and designs we have done in the past. You can either use the free graphics for yourself or request our services.

13th May 2015
  • Added Hakanai Paper to affiliates
  • Added Moonshine to affiliates

11th May 2015
  • Fixed registration problem on KazeKage Forums
  • Added 81 photos to Eikona Gallery

10th May 2015
  • Added 102 pictures to Eikona Gallery

9th May 2015
  • Cleaned up main navigation on Erythrae.
  • Updated About Page on Erythrae.
  • Updated banner image on main sites.
  • Closed Chios Reviews
  • Opened KazeKage Forums
  • Updated Rotation Promo Banners on Index
  • Updated all Navigation links on all sites.
  • Added a Plugboard to main navigation.

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